Board of Trustees

The Board has a very important role in making sure every child achieves their potential at school.  Some of their tasks include monitoring progress against our annual targets and how well students are achieving, overseeing the management of staff, property and finances.

If you ever wish to get in touch with new trustees, Margaret in the office can provide you with their contact details or you can email  If you do email please allow a few days for a reply.

Cathryn Curran-Tietjens is new to our Board of Trustees. She has been elected Chairperson.

Cathryn has three children at Kahurangi, Meg, Drew, and Will. Cathryn and her family spent two years in Dublin before returning to New Zealand in 2014 and moving to the Strathmore community.

She works as a Senior Legal Advisor and has a wider public law background after working for a number of years at Crown Law. 

Ben Powdrell is also a new trustee. 

Ben has two children at Kahurangi, Leo and Ruhi, and a preschooler who will also start in a few years.  Ben has been part of the Kahurangi Friends group for the last few years and has helped run Halloween discos, hangi, Peninsula Pictures and Kotahi events to raise funds for the school. 

Ben has worked in the New Zealand television and film industry for the last 16 years.           

Bessie Fepulea’i is a continuing trustee.

She has been on the Board since the beginning as a member of the Establishment Board that worked to form Kahurangi School.

Bessie has three children at Kahurangi, Semurana, Mesepa, and Tautiaga.

Bessie has served on the Board of Trustees for Wellington East Girls College as Pacific Representative for over 15 years and has spent 20 years working in Local Government which has given her the opportunity to work with the wider community. Bessie works as a Community, Pacific, and Youth Advisor.

Angela Keane is the Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees.


Angela was born and lives in Strathmore and has strong networks within the community and staff. Angela has worked as a Teacher Aide since Kahurangi School began. She is also our After School Sports Coordinator which keeps her in contact with many of our community members.

She has a preschooler who will start school at Kahurangi in a couple of years and her older girl Athena used to attend Kahurangi.

Brenda Wallace is new to the Board of Trustees.

Brenda’s daughter Casey attends Kahurangi School.

She has worked on technology for mobile telecommunications, movie VFX, and electricity generation. Originally from the Waikato, she is passionate about the Strathmore/Miramar community where her family have lived and worked for the last five years.

Sulu Sheck has been re-elected to the Board, having been a member since the Establishment Board.

Her youngest daughter Savana attends Kahurangi School. She also has three older girls, who attend college and university.

Sulu comes from the Strathmore/Miramar community, and is proud to represent her Pasifika community on the Board and at wider community and Ministry events. She expects great things from our students.

Kyran Smith is automatically on the Board of Trustees as Principal.

She was appointed to the role of Principal for the new school and worked on the Establishment Board to set up Kahurangi School.

For Kyran it’s been a wonderful experience bringing two communities together, building the school and it’s culture, and filling it with fabulous children, and a high quality cohesive staff.