Kahurangi School

43 Strathmore Avenue
Strathmore Park 6022, Wellington

Phone 04 388 6386

Office email is office@kahurangi.school.nz

Kyran Smith’s email is principal@kahurangi.school.nz

Communicating with school staff

If caregivers have any school related questions, ideas, problems or concerns that need our attention, we will be happy to meet with you and discuss them.  It is important that we have open and free communication between our school, parents and caregivers. I encourage you to contact the school promptly if you have concerns or queries.  We often find that a personal contact either by arranging a time to meet with a teacher or a phone call is better than an email. We do realise, however, that time constraints sometimes makes this difficult.

Staff can be emailed at school but it would be preferable that emails are used to schedule live conversations.  The email address of your child’s teacher is their first name followed by @kahurangi.school.nz except in the case of our office manager and myself (emails above).