Our learning spaces

Waka Huia
Library – literally means treasure box

Herenga Waka
Reception and administration area – a mooring/marina where canoes are tied

Waka Pūhara
Senior classes – a waka with two keels

Waka Rimu
Junior classes – similar to waka pūhara but slightly smaller in size

Multi-purpose/hall space – this building was called Broadway at the old Miramar South School so we felt it would be meaningful to keep its name   

Historically the waka (canoe) was an important vehicle for Māori and Pasifika people because it was a way of travelling from place to place, trading and surviving.  At Kahurangi School we have decided to use the canoe as a metaphor for our approach to learning.  The journey of learning can be like navigating a canoe to reach a destination.  We think that in learning it is important to be prepared and aware of our environment as well as physical and social factors that can make our journey easy or difficult.   We encourage and support our students to take ownership of their learning and to have the right attitude and motivation.

Every waka needs a crew or team to move it forward.  For us this means we work together with our peers, whānau and teachers.   The crew can't move the canoe without strong quality oars.  We need the right tools, skills, teaching approaches and supports to equip us to move forward in our learning.