A safe and happy learning environment

At Kahurangi School we aim to provide a friendly, stimulating, safe and happy learning environment for all children and school staff.  We work hard to build a consistent safe environment for learning where every child and adult feels respected, supported and included.  We do our best to ensure children’s behaviour is addressed fairly and effectively. 

We have a school-wide plan for promoting positive behaviour in the classroom and in the playground.  We know it is vital for our school to have plans in place for managing student behaviour in order to help reduce unacceptable behaviours.  These plans support our students and teachers if difficult situations arise.  Our goal is to have everyone know what behaviours are expected as a member of Kahurangi School. 

Every teacher spends time with their class ensuring that they understand our Kahurangi School Expectations.

What subjects do we teach at Kahurangi School?

  • English
  • The Arts
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Learning Languages
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Technology

For each of the eight curriculum subjects students require specific skills and knowledge.   Our teachers support your child as they learn the specialist language related with the subject, how to read and understand its texts.  There is a focus also on how to talk about their knowledge and ideas in suitable ways plus how to listen and read critically, weighing up the value of what they hear and read.

Learning support at Kahurangi School

Every student has the right to achieve success and make progress at school, regardless of their ability.  Every student with special education needs also has the right to receive extra support to ensure that they meet their full potential.  Our teachers plan programmes and strategies to cater for the individual needs of the students in their class.  If your child is not achieving success they may be offered extra support by the school.  Extra support may be offered in the way of alternative work and learning experiences, additional resources, extra assistance or adapted programmes.

We undertake regular review of all children’s learning to ensure individual's needs are met.  Students requiring support or extension programmes will be identified and catered for.  Some examples of these include:

  • Reading Recovery - reading support for 6 year olds
  • teacher aide support in class
  • instruction in small group or 1-1 with teacher and cross grouping
  • attendance at Gifted Kids
  • Spring for children requiring extra support in number, both knowledge and strategies.
  • Leap is for children who would benefit from some extra support in reading.

If your child has been identified as requiring additional support you will receive a letter outlining the support they will receive.

School reports and progress conferences

Kahurangi School believes that students' success at school is supported by a strong partnership between home and school. One important component of this partnership is providing families with clear, meaningful and useful information about how their child is doing at school and what they can do to assist learning.

Student learning, progress and achievement will be communicated to families in a range of ways. These include written reports twice a year and three-way conversations between teacher, student and family once a year. If at any time you are concerned about your child's learning we encourage you to talk with their teacher.