No school fees

New Zealand prides itself on having free education. At Kahurangi School there is no cost to our families for school-related expenses. There are no school fees, no stationery costs, no library costs and there will be no fees for school trips either.

We are in the fortunate position with access to special funding for merging schools. This means we can offer education at no cost to families and also have funds to invest in extra education programmes and experiences for our students. We believe this will be sustainable through good planning and support from external funding agencies. The learning of our tamariki will not be compromised, we expect to have many additions to our children’s education which will deliver on our promise to create lifelong learners. 

This does not mean we don’t need or want your good will. Donations will be gratefully received and put to use on extra programmes and will help us keep the school free. We will ask for your time to help us plan events, join trips, work in the garden, help in the library, fundraise, etc. Your ideas are welcome, especially if they are about providing opportunities to improve or stretch our children’s learning. With your support our school will achieve much more than it can on its own.