Our Vision

We share the vision for young people expressed in the New Zealand Curriculum. This vision is for creative, energetic and enterprising young people who can seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies, who recognise Māori and Pākehā as Treaty partners and value other cultures, and who will be confident, connected, and actively involved lifelong learners.

Our Principles

Kahurangi School curriculum enables students to master the skill of learning, opening a world of opportunities. Our school invests in high quality teachers to ensure best practice, outstanding teaching and excellent learning programmes.

Dignity and respect inspire self-motivation and support for others. Kahurangi School students are proud of who they are and their individual and collective educational successes. 

Kahurangi School gains strength from being culturally informed and respectful. Children are encouraged to use and share their first language. Through increased understanding of each other we grow as citizens. 

Kahurangi School has active community ownership and participation. It is a hub of local activity, is family focused and environmentally aware.