New Zealand schools are self-governing – Kahurangi School sets its own rules, school policies and teaching programmes.

Every school has a board of trustees elected by the community every three years.

The board’s role is to ensure that:

  • the school runs smoothly
  • quality programmes are in place.
  • school staff are employed including the principal
  • policies to guide the operation of the school are in place. 
Complaints policy  1.2 Mb
Discretionary leave policy  0.4 Mb
Non-financial delegations  0.3 Mb
Principal performance management policy  0.5 Mb
Safe environment policy  0.4 Mb
Special needs policy  0.4 Mb
Staff performance management policy  0.5 Mb
Student learning and achievement policy  0.5 Mb

Reporting_to_Families_Policy_30.8.17 pdf