Introducing 2020 School Staff

Developing the right team is critical to building a quality school. This applies not just to the senior leadership team but to every single staff member within the school.  We are proud of the high calibre of our staff and to introduce them to you. 

All our teaching staff are strong in numeracy and literacy.  We also have a sound base in teaching languages, the arts, information communication technology, science, physical education and more.  The teaching team come with proven expertise and the ability to raise student achievement.

Our support staff includes teacher aides,  an office manager and a groundsperson.

Kyran Smith – Principal

Judy Bragan - Assistant Principal & Year 2-3 Teacher


Ruth Cooper - Assistant Principal & Year 7-8 Teacher

Claire Brown - Year 7 Teacher

Meagan Mathers - Year 5-6 Teacher

Caleb Webb - Year 5-6 Teacher

Meta Beyers - Year 4 Teacher

Christine Ralph - Year 4 Teacher

Erin Scott - Year 2-3 Teacher

Josie Adams - Year 2-3 Teacher

Daniel Bell - Year 2-3 Teacher & Reading Recovery Teacher

Rachel Collins - Year 1-2 Teacher

Katie Morrow - Year 0-1 Teacher

Kathryn Dron – Year 0-1 (New Entrant) Teacher 

Geraldine Price - Reading Recovery Teacher

Isabella Ioapo - Part-timeTeacher

Beth Hughson - Part-time Teacher

Margaret Hudson – Office Manager

Samantha Renner – Teacher Aide & Office Assistant

Angela Keane – Teacher Aide & Office Assistant

Nicole Jardine – Teacher Aide

Sarah Purdy – Teacher Aide

Fono Ioapo - Grounds Person