Strategic Plan & Annual Implementation Plan

Strategic Plan & Annual Implementation Plan

At Kahurangi School, our strategic plan is more than just a document—it’s a roadmap that guides our efforts to provide the best education for your child. Under the Education and Training Act 2020, we’re mandated to develop and share documents that outline our goals, plans, progress, and financial information. This ensures transparency, accountability, and alignment with national education priorities.

Our strategic plan is developed in consultation with the school community, reflecting our collective vision, goals, and strategies for the next three years. It encompasses our primary objectives, national education priorities, curriculum policies, and our commitment to cultural responsiveness under te Tiriti o Waitangi. This plan serves as a blueprint for how we’ll address the diverse needs of our students and strive for continuous improvement.

We publish our strategic plan online and submit it to the Ministry of Education, ensuring accessibility and compliance with legal requirements. Through ongoing consultation and reflection, we review our achievements, adjust our priorities, and refine our strategies to better serve our students and community.

In essence, our strategic plan is a commitment to excellence, equity, and continuous improvement in education. It’s a collaborative effort that reflects our shared values and aspirations for the future of Kahurangi School.

Kahurangi School Strategic Plan & Annual Implementation Plan_2024-2025_FINAL_compressed.pdf



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