Learning Support

Learning Support

At Kahurangi School, we value an inclusive culture where students are valued and respected.   We work hard to ensure all our tamariki have the opportunity to achieve their potential and to participate in school life with their peers.  We whole-heartedly believe that students should achieve success and make progress at school, regardless of their ability.  

Students who we consider need learning support include:

  • learners with learning difficulties, communication or behaviour difficulties, and/or sensory or physical impairments or disabilities
  • gifted and talented students
  • English language learners
  • those who are not achieving, or at risk of not achieving.

Resources provided may include therapy, staffing, equipment and other materials, property modification and transport, as well as advice and specialist support.

A student who is not acheiving success may be offered extra support by the school. Some students with significant educational needs are regarded as having ongoing learning support needs, and their extra support is funded through the Ongoing Resourcing Schemes (ORS).

Support at Kahurangi may include ‘extra’ teacher or teacher aide time, time with a specialist teacher or other resources or involvement in special learning support interventions (e.g. Reading Recovery).  All aspects are coordinated at the school by our SENCOs (Special Education Needs Coordinators) and leadership team. Deciding on the best approach to support the student’s learning needs includes parents, whānau and teachers.

When one of our student’s needs are identified as ongoing, or we deem it appropriate for a student, an individual education plan is developed. This process involves whānau, teachers, leaders and other support agencies as appropriate.

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