Project Kaiwaka

Over the last 4 years a very dedicated group of people have been going above and beyond with plans to renovate our school pool (Project Kaiwaka).   This planning commenced even before Kahurangi School existed, and dates back to Strathmore Community School days. We know that the whole community would love to see a pool at Kahurangi. 

The Project Kaiwaka group were tasked with community consultation, producing a feasibility study and coming up with further funding to sit alongside the large contribution made by the Wellington City Council. However, despite endless hours spent exploring various avenues, three pool designs, and the funds we’d already received, the pool project still remained financially out of reach. Therefore, the Board has now decided that the time has come to bring an end to the Project. It was a very difficult decision, but we know we’ve done due diligence and we think it is the right one. It’s also done with the blessing of the Project Kaiwaka team. 

So without the pool going ahead we are now in a position to start to consider how to develop our environment further to best serve our students and the community into the future.  We’re looking forward to your ideas about what you would like instead of a pool.  

To those that have spent long and hard hours for the school’s benefit (Amanda Hereaka, Karl Frost, Kirsty Farquharson, Elaine Hill, Wayne Lowther, Ben Powdrell and Kyran Smith) we sincerely appreciate the time you have invested to make our school a better place.